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KwikDish is a shared marketplace platform that connects customers with local cooks . We believe that, by tapping into talented cooks in local communities, we can offer our customers with more options and better prices while helping support the local economy. We want to connect customers with restaurants and cooks in their very own communities. When customers support their local cooks on our platform, they enjoy the benefits of a culturally diverse culinary experience.
Yes, it’s our main mission! We save money for you by offering special lunch rates with local cooks and restaurants. We also help you save time because we know you don’t want to spend your lunchtime waiting in long lines. When you use KwikDish, you can skip the line, go straight to the checkout counter, and pick your meal. It’s really that easy! Don’t worry about the payment, it’s already been taken care of by KwikDish when you place your order! At KwikDish, we also believe that you should have a wide variety of choices available!
Our meal plans provide you with lunch options on a 30-day cycle. We have 3 flexible plans for you to choose from, with each plan you purchase a different number of tokens (click here for meal plan options). You then use the tokens to buy meals, it’s that simple! The number of tokens used for each item depends on the value the cooks decide to price their menu items at. No meal will be priced higher than 3 tokens. Typically, snacks, appetizers and drinks are 1-token, while lunch portion dishes are 2-tokens and larger portion meals or unique dishes are 3-tokens. With KwikDish, you will find many types of cuisines and portion sizes to choose from, which will allow you to maximize the value of your tokens.
Tokens are designed to keep the pricing options simple on KwikDish, it is similar to the tokens you might have gotten at your local carnival. On KwikDish, you can purchase 10, 20, or 30 tokens at a time and redeem them as you wish over the 30-day cycle for various dishes. We let our cooks decide on how much each meal costs in tokens. Want to order more than 1 dish? You can! We do not limit how many orders you place, though a cook can (learn more here). It’s your tokens, use it as you wish. Feel free to share lunches with friends, family and/or colleagues, we are sure they will appreciate it!
If you have tokens remaining before the end of the 30-day cycle, you can share lunches with friends, family and/or colleagues before the plan expires, or you can carry them over to the next period if you purchase another meal plan. We will combine the new tokens with the previous month’s balance. If there is a break between cycles and if you do not renew the meal plan, the tokens will expire unused.
As soon as you purchase a meal plan, you can start ordering meals. We open our platform at 4pm each day for the following day’s lunch options. You will have until 10 am the following morning, to decide & order what you would like to eat, after 10 am ordering becomes unavailable. Based on the token amount you have remaining, select your dish and pick up time. Can’t remember the pick-up times or when to order? You can request for a calendar reminder when the kitchen opens as well as your pickup time! Sign up for a meal plan.
After confirming your lunch selection, you can request for a calendar reminder to get your lunch. At the pickup time, go to the restaurant’s or cook’s location and grab your food! If it’s a restaurant, go straight to the checkout counter, provide details about yourself and your order & pick up your meal. It’s that easy. For purchases made from micro kitchen, go to their location, provide details about yourself and your order. Receive your meal and enjoy!
Yes, currently, we are only offering lunches from Monday through Sunday.
Ordering for the following day begins at 4 pm the prior day and closes at 10 am the day of. When the kitchen is open, you can order multiple dishes and select your pickup time. You can also request a calendar reminder so you don’t forget to or and grab your dish(es).
Yes, auto-renewal is the default setting. If you want to change it, you may do that before meal plans expire so you won’t be billed automatically. Refunds are not allowed on purchased meal plans.
Share your great experience with others and earn credits for each referral of yours that uses our platform. If you refer a friend, family member and/or colleague and they purchase a meal plan, you will receive credit in your account which can be redeem the credit on the next meal plan up to the cost of the meal plan. You can also earn credits for referring local restaurants and micro kitchens when they first start serving KwikDish customers.


We let our cooks determine that. After all, it’s your business, so you decide! We, at KwikDish, are here to help you find your pace for cooking. A lot of our successful cooks offer meals consistently (at least three times a week) allowing them to build a loyal customer base.
There’s no cost to access the KwikDish platform and set up a cook account or post meals.
Each Monday, we will send a payment to your bank account with your total earnings for the week, it could take 24-48 hours before you receive payment in your bank account. Your passion to cook really does pay off!
KwikDish wants your success! We provide you with access to hundreds of customers. We also give you:
  • Marketing tools, online payment processing, order management and customer feedback.
  • Best practices and educational material on meal preparation, marketing, food safety, and customer service.
  • Online marketing of your meals through our website, social media, and newsletter.
  • $250,000 liability insurance policy to protect you in the event of an accident or illness resulting from one of your meals. Please request for further details regarding the insurance policy’s terms and conditions to
Pets are fine as long as they are kept outside the kitchen and serving areas during meal preparation and service.
We require all our cooks to adhere to the highest food handling standards. During the interview process, we will go over these details. See the full list of kitchen requirements here . While there aren’t any hard and fast rules in terms of the size of your establishment, we find that KwikDish works best for folks who are in areas where people can comfortably walk, park or navigate to your location. You won’t have more than a few people at your establishment at the same time but please make sure you keep the surrounding area or customer waiting area clean and appealing. Signup to cook.
Each cook is required to obtain a current Food Handler’s Card for their state, which ensures a basic level of food safety knowledge by all cooks on KwikDish. Once you become a cook, you’ll have access to additional educational resources regarding safe food handling practices specific to cooking with KwikDish. You can get your local food handler’s card online here. The course takes about 2 hours to complete and costs $15, which we will reimburse you after your first meal is ordered. You shall abide by all applicable local, state, national and international laws and regulations.
Not at all. If you have the passion & talent for cooking and love to share it, you are perfect for KwikDish. Our cooks come from:
  • Existing restaurants.
  • Aspiring cooks, looking to build their business.
  • Former food industry professionals who still want to cook for a living, without the intense demands of the restaurant industry.
  • People who were already selling food at farmers’ markets and other community centers, and want to explore ways to bring in more customers.
You can have your first meal posted as soon as you are approved. In some cases, it can be as quick as a day but on average it’s just a few days before you can get started on KwikDish! Our process is simple, first, fill out our Cook Application (shouldn’t take more than 5 minutes) and complete a quick 30-minute interview with the KwikDish team. If all goes well, we’ll approve your account and you’ll be ready to offer first meal! Signup to cook.
Customers order their lunch before 10 am everyday. By 10 am, cooks will have the list of customers, their order details, and pick up times.
You will know by 10 am each day who & when they will be coming to get their lunch. The customers will arrive at the pick-up location assigned by you. If needed, we’ll ask you for special instructions to pass along to the customers, helping them find your establishment.
The number of customers will depend on your offering, your location, and your network. Ultimately this is something that depends on how you want to run your business, and we’ll work with you to reach your goals.
To become a member of KwikDish, all of our users have to create a profile, agree to our Terms of Use, and enter their payment information (credit or debit card). Keep in mind that most of your customers are not strangers! They might be parents from your PTA group, churchgoers you see every week, or friends of friends. If you have a complaint about a customer, please be sure to send us an email at
Yes, KwikDish offers only pick-up meals, the whole pick-up experience takes less than 3 minutes per customer. We just ask you make it clear to customers what they should expect!
We offer meal plans to our customers. The meal plan consists of tokens which customers may redeem by ordering food. There are one, two, or three token meal options. You can assign any token amount for each meal but, if needed, we're here to offer our best practices for setting fair prices based on the cost of ingredients, labor, and feedback from customers (see here what customers expect).
Despite having hundreds of hungry people on our platform, it’s totally possible that not many people in your immediate neighborhood know about your on KwikDish yet. That’s why we have tools and resources as well as a community and staff to help you get the word out. Your friends can be your cheerleaders, especially when we give them your promo code for special meal promotions to help get the word out (learn more about referrals here).
When publishing a meal, you decide how many portions of each item you’d like to sell after offering a mandatory 2-token meal option. You’ll receive an email by 10 am each day with a list of customers, orders and pick-up time details. Because you know who will be coming for the day before you start cooking, you can ensure that you prepare the right amount of food. Overwhelmed by the amount of orders you’re receiving? You can set a limit on the number of orders you’d like to receive for each meal, helping you plan ahead for food preparation.
If a customer cancels their order before 10 am, their order will not appear on the final customer order list which will be available to you by email and on the KwikDish platform. All order requests on the 10 am list are final, and you will get paid for these orders. If a customer cancels after 10 am or does not show up, you will still get paid for the order.
If an emergency comes up or if you don’t have enough orders to make cooking worth the time, we can refund people’s orders and cancel your meal. The more advanced notice the better, especially so we can give your customers as much time as possible to choose another meal. We strongly encourage our cooks to complete all order requests as customers could leave a negative rating impacting the cook’s ability to offer their service on the platform.
We’re growing fast all over the US! Please get in touch by filling out our Cook Application if you’re interested in bringing KwikDish to your home town. Signup to cook.
Your address will only be shared with a customer once they have placed an order. Your contact information is not shared publicly either. You also have the right to deny anyone service, for any reason. Please call local law enforcement if you have any immediate issues.
Our cooks are Independent Contractors. You’ll fill out a W9 when you start, and then in January, you’ll receive a 1099 form from us with all the relevant tax information.
Restaurants that are in compliance with local regulatory requirements are allowed to access the KwikDish platform. When deciding whether to become a KwikDish cook, it's important for you to understand how the laws work in your city. Some cities have laws that restrict your ability to operate a business from your home. These laws are often part of a city's zoning or administrative codes. In many cities, you must register, get a permit, or obtain a license before operating a business from home. Please review your local laws before publishing your first meals. By accepting our Terms of Use and activating a listing, you certify that you will abide by all applicable local, state, national and international laws and regulations.
Whatever you like! Share your passion to cook with others. You can offer your signature dish or have more than 1 dish. You have the creative freedom to switch them up daily, if you like. We at KwikDish are always more than happy to provide feedback to help drive your passion!
Send us an email at - we'll be happy to help!